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From installation to maintenance and repair, we offer a full complement of services to ensure you continue to get the maximum value out of your valves, actuators, and process control instruments throughout the life of the products.

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Valve, actuator, and instrumentation sourcing

Whatever valve, actuator, or process control instrument you need, we can provide a fast, cost-effective, and reliable solution.

New products 

We represent the top-tier manufacturers in the valve and actuation industry. View our Products page for more information.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us. We can source any valve from any manufacturer. We also offer custom solutions for projects where off-the-shelf products aren’t sufficient.

Remanufactured products

Remanufactured products lower your costs as much as 70% and cut your lead times down to as little as 2 weeks. We partner with Automation Service to provide remanufactured control valves.

Find remanufactured products.

Stocking programs

For even faster lead times, we offer stocking programs where you commit to purchasing a certain quantity of products and we commit to keeping inventory in stock. By participating in a stocking program, you guarantee process control products are available when you need them.


The right actuation and automation are key to effective, efficient, and environmentally-friendly operations, especially for facilities in remote areas. We provide complete actuation services for all makes and models of actuators. For automation challenges that out-of-the-box products can’t handle, our engineers can custom-design solutions to fit any application.


Improperly installed components can result in inefficient operations, equipment failure, and safety incidents. No matter your application, we’re here to support you from the beginning of your project. We provide complete design and field installation services for all of the products and solutions we sell, including ESD systems.

Valve Repair and Maintenance

Just like we’re available at the beginning of your project to ensure you have the right components installed correctly, we provide support on an ongoing basis to keep your valves and valve products operating at peak performance for as long as possible.

Our valve repair and maintenance services

  • Valve and actuator repair
  • Custom valve maintenance programs
  • OEM and aftermarket parts available
  • Field repairs
  • Complete rebuilds
  • Quarterly and annual DOT inspections
  • Emergency service
  • Valve testing


Our reclamation program will help you realize even more value from select used or surplus Fisher® control valves and Rosemount® and Foxboro® instrumentation. The recycling process is simple, fast, and free.

  1. You put your used or surplus products aside for pickup.
  2. We handle all of the packaging and shipping.
  3. You receive fair value for your old products in the form of a credit you can apply toward additional purchases from Valve Sales Inc.


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