The team at Valve Sales is excited to welcome TJ Richardville to our family! TJ began his professional career as a detention officer at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. TJ went to work for court services as a criminal background investigator, where he provided detailed criminal history to judges. He transitioned back to the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office as the midnight shift relief supervisor for the dispatch/telecommunications division. TJ answered non-emergency and emergency calls and directed the information to the correct agency to respond to the situation for multiple different law enforcement agencies within northeastern Oklahoma.

TJ Richardville poses with his family of two sons and his wife. TJ began in inside sales for a local relief valve repair company where he did sizing and selection for new products, including tank vents, rupture discs and relief valves. He then transitioned to the repair side of the business. TJ used his previous experience to deal with the fast-paced, no slow-down situations that come during emergency shutdowns or a planned turnaround. He uses his attention to detail as a criminal background investigator to find what our customers need, not just putting a band aid on the situation. TJ says, “A cheap price will fade from memory, but solving their problem remains long after the job is complete.”

He uses his experience as a dispatcher to be the calm in the storm. His go-to saying is “My workday, is your worst day.” TJ is excited to get to work and keep his customers happy and stress-free.