Model EX Self-Contained Hydraulic Control System

Omni Model EX Self-Contained Hydraulic Control System

The Omni Model EX is a self-contained hydraulic control system designed to control hydraulically actuated reverse acting slab gate valves with a fail-safe mode of operation. Omni’s Model EX is designed to operate flawlessly in the harshest operating conditions. 

Product Features

  • Rugged and compact 
  • Manifold block design
  • Fully enclosed cabinet with locking latch
  • Easy operation
  • Hydraulic fluid reservoir
  • Easily adapted to control hydraulic valves from any OEM


  • Pressure-sensing and control configurations 
    • High or low pressure pilots (or both)
    • Solenoid valve (12, 24, or other VDC electric)
    • Combination of pilots and solenoid
    • Internal/external or both pressure gauges
    • Connectivity to SCADA or other controls
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting


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