High Pressure Stem Guided Non-Balanced Control Valves

Kimray High Pressure Stem Guided Non-Balanced Control Valves

These 1” and 2” high pressure, stem guided, non-balanced control valves can be used as a dump valve or pressure regulator. In this instance, “stem-guided” refers to the stem itself guiding the trim into its seat and “non-balanced” means that the pressure above the trim seat is not counterbalanced by the same pressure below. All valves in this series have the option of emissions-free electric actuation.

All of Kimray’s stem guided valves have smaller trim sizes for smaller valve coefficients (Cv) when compared to the cage guided series. 


  • Liquid
  • Gas

Product Features 

  • Upstream or downstream control
  • Temperature: -20°F , 250°F (Options available for higher temperatures)
  • Cold working maximum pressure up to 6000 psig
  • Standard actuator is made from Ductile Iron (ASTM-A395)
  • Electric actuation using VSI’s JBT open yoke lifter
  • Capable of 45 psig (3.1 bar) diaphragm pressure for actuation
  • Reversible actuator allows simple change from “fail open” to “fail close” with no extra parts required
  • Equal percentage trim for throttling service.
  • Quick opening trim for on/off service.
  • Linear trim (Nominal).
  • Class IV seat FCI 70.2.
  • Non-lube stem seal
  • Live load packing
  • Open yoke design
    • Allows for position indicator to be easily seen from any direction.
    • Stem position scale on all models
    • Allows trapped process gas to escape to the atmosphere if packing box assembly leaks
    • Four bolts hold actuator to the valve body for easy access to trim components
  • Standard globe valve body is made from cast steel A216-WCB, CF8M & LCC.


  • 1” and 2” connection sizes
  • Through or angle body types 
  • NPT, flanged, or socket weld connections
  • Electric actuation option utilizing VSI’s JBT open yoke lifter
  • Pressure opening or pressure closing actuation, or pneumatic, single acting actuation
  • Trim material and capacity
  • “65 Topworks” actuator with an adjustable spring from 10 psig to 30 psig (0.68 bar to 2 bar) made from 1018CW, ASTM 108 steel
  • Multiple spring options
  • Special material available for sour service application in accordance with the requirements of NACE specification MR0175


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