SANITRX HPX® Rupture Disc

SANITRX HPX® Rupture Disc

The SANITRX HPX product family of rupture discs are available in various sizes, materials, ratings, manufacturing ranges, and operating ratios to meet the performance criteria demanded by your application requirements. 

  • Disc sizes 1” through 3”
  • Disc materials: 316 and 316L stainless steel, nickel, MONEL®, INCONEL®, HASTELLOY® C, Tantalum1
  • Burst pressures: 10 psig to 2000 psig (0,689 barg to 138 barg)
  • Manufacturing range: Zero, -5%, and -10%
  • Operating ratio: Choice of 90% or 95%
  • Safety ratio: 1 to 1 or less. If the rupture disc becomes damaged, it will relieve at or below the burst pressure
  • Durability: Design tested for 5 million cycles from full vacuum to the maximum operating pressure
  • Design: Non-fragmenting, reverse acting, bubble-tight seal

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