Cash Valve Type FR Industrial Back Pressure Valve

Cash Valve Type FR Industrial Back Pressure Valve

Diaphragm actuated valve designed for either continuous or intermittent operation which provide accurate, repetitive pressure control

Product Features

  • Protect against periodic high pressure, control dependably at adjusted pressures and shut tight.
  • Maintain a pre-determined pressure on the inlet regardless of variations in pressure at the outlet.
  • Unique full ‘floating ring’ seating arrangement provides smooth, even control in response to pressure changes.
  • Globe type body with two side inlets and a bottom outlet, suitable for angle or in-line installation.
  • Fitted with a closing cap to discourage unauthorized tampering.
  • Optional differential pressure control modification enables a constantly held difference between reference and valve inlet pressures.
  • Rugged, simple design enables easy on-line maintenance and repair.


  • Material: Bronze
  • Sizes: ⅛” to 2” (3.2 to 50 mm)
  • Connections: Threaded NPTF
  • Pressure range: 0 to 600 psig (0 to 41.4 barg)
  • Temperature range: -320° to 600°F (-195° to 316°C)
  • Type FR has a bronze body as standard, is suitable for pressures of 0-400 psig (0-27.6 barg) and maximum temperatures 200°-600°F (93°-316°C)


  • Fluids
  • Gases (except steam)

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