Remanufactured Foxboro® 8000A Flow Meter

Remanufactured Foxboro® 8000A Flow Meter

The 8000A Series magnetic flowtubes are designed to measure flow rate of electrically conductive liquids and produce a measurement signal directly proportional to volumetric flow rate.

Product features

  • Compact design
  • Great for high temperature and highly abrasive processes
  • Excellent in corrosive environments
  • Blistering resistance
  • Proven electrode seal design
  • 2-year warranty from date of installation 


  • Flow rates: .03 To 2,440 GPM with an IMT25 Transmitter
  • Electrode material
    • 316L SST
    • Hastelloy C
    • Platinum-iridium
    • Tantalum-tungsten
    • Titanium
  • Lining material
    • Ceramic
    • Pfa
  • Size: 1/16-6 inch

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