Remanufactured Fisher® DVC 6000/6200 FIELDVUE® Controllers

Remanufactured Fisher® Control Valves and Actuators

The DVC Series Digital Valve Controllers are communicating, microprocessor-based current-to-pneumatic instruments. In addition to the traditional function of converting a current signal to a valve-position pressure signal, DVC series digital valve controllers, using HART communications protocol, give access to information critical to process operation. The DVC6000/6200 can be used with single-acting or double-acting actuators.

Product features

  • High-performing linkage-less feedback system (DVC6200 only)
  • Fully encapsulated electronics
  • Quick responsiveness to large step changes and precise control for small setpoint changes 
  • Modular design 
  • Self-diagnostic capability
  • 2-year warranty from date of installation 
  • Eligible for reclamation program



  • As required by the actuator, up to full supply pressure
  • Minimum span: 6 psi 
  • Maximum span: 140 psi


  • Recommended supply pressure: 5 psi higher than maximum actuator requirements, up to maximum supply pressure
  • Minimum voltage available at instrument terminals
    • DVC 6000: 10.5 VDC for analog control, 11 VDC for HART communication
    • DVC 6200: 9.5 VDC for analog control, 10 VDC for HART communication


  • Double
  • Single direct
  • Single reverse
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