Remanufactured Fisher® Control Valves and Actuators

Remanufactured Fisher® Control Valves and Actuators

All Automation Service remanufactured Fisher® control valves and actuators are rigorously tested to ensure peak performance. 

All valves are built to your specifications and are available in a variety of sizes and specialized trim options.

Product features 

  • 2-year warranty from date of installation
  • Hydrostatic and seat leak tested to ANSI/ISA standards
  • New soft goods (gaskets, seals, o-rings, etc.)  
  • Restored gasket surfaces and seat surfaces 
  • Restored or replaced accessories 
  • Repaired and re-lapped plugs and seats  
  • Tested actuator springs 
  • Niton™ XL2 Analyzer verified trim material —  PMI certificate available upon request
  • BenchMark Control Valve Diagnostics™ availability
  • Eligible for reclamation program 


  • E-body and sliding stem valves: ED, ES, ET, EZ, EWD, EWT, YD, YS, CE, CP
  • Actuators: 470, 513, 585, 585C, 657, 667
  • Butterfly valves: 7600, 8500, 8510, 8550, 8560, 9500
  • Ball valves: V100, V150, V200, V300, V500
  • Rotary valve actuators: 480, 656, 1051, 1052, 1061, 1066


    Automation Service is the sole warrantor of this product and is NOT affiliated or endorsed by Fisher, Rosemount, or any other Emerson Process Management Company. Automation Service is not an FM Approved Repair Facility and cannot supply remanufactured or repaired FM Approved equipment for Hazardous Locations.

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