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Trust Valve Sales Inc. mobile professionals to test, maintain and repair your equipment, ON-SITE!

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New MOBILELAB™ service saves money, saves time and eliminates the risk of shipping damage or delay.

Schedule a visit from the Valve Sales Inc. (VSI) MOBILELAB™ and three good things are sure to happen:

  1. Our trained and certified professionals will arrive on time to perform scheduled or emergency VR Certified service on all your liquid/water and air/gas/vapor valves.
  2. You will experience faster turnaround and greater uptime, as no time or money will be wasted transporting valves that Valve Sales Inc. professionals can efficiently service at your location.
  3. Your valuable equipment will be protected from potential shipping damages, while your operations are protected from unforeseen shipping delays.

Experience the savings and peace of mind that comes from scheduling your maintenance on-site, performed by the trained service technicians you have grown to trust.

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VSI service professionals have more DRIVE to deliver great service to you!

Thanks to our investments in MOBILELAB™ service, VSI is poised to deliver the exact services you need on the exact days that you need them.

Equipped with everything required to service your valves (whether you acquired them from VSI or not), our trained service team will arrive at the scheduled time and stay at your site until the job is complete.

Certified air and water valve testing or VR repairs can be performed on our field-mounted VR repair stand in our MOBILELAB™. Pressure capabilities range up to 1,500 psi. Schedule these and other important services at your locations to save time, money and eliminate shipping damages and delays:

Everything our technicians will need is already built-in, including lathes, sandblasting equipment, power tools, and more.

Safety Valves:
Trained, certified technicians available for machining, repair, and testing of ASME Section I & VIII code stamped valves.

Control Valves:
Repair, refurbish, replace trim, and calibrate.

Complete Line Valve Repair:
Refurbish all internal parts as needed, assemble and test.

Rupture Disc/Conservation Vent/Flame Arresters:
Overpressure and flame protection.

ValScope Pro:
Complete control valve diagnostics.

Oxygen Cleaning:
Shop or field cleaning services for valves in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Completely teardown, refurbish, repair to like new condition, and test.

Pipeline Actuator Service:
Factory-trained, authorized sales and service for Bettis, Shafer and EIM actuators.

Field Machining:
Flange-facing, journals, manways, butt end welds.

Pipeline Valve Service:
ValvePro® trained and certified technicians provide maintenance for pipeline ball, gate and globe valves and solutions for hard-to-operate valves.

Hydrofluoric Acid Services:
Complete on-location or in-house cleaning and decontamination services for line valves, control valves and pressure relief valves

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