Automate your nitrogen pumping operations with Valve Sales Inc.’s JBT Rotary to Linear Adaptor

Is sluggish actuation slowing down your nitrogen pumping operations? 

Multi-turn actuators on nitrogen pump trucks take anywhere from 10 seconds 2 minutes per revolution and require 5 to 10 revolutions to move a control valve between full open and full close. 

JBT’s Rotary to Linear Adaptor cuts that time down to 15 seconds, so you can get to the site, start pumping, and get back to the shop faster. Our solution is fast, accurate, cost-effective, and can be customized for any valve and control protocol.

7 benefits of JBT’s Rotary to Linear Adaptor for nitrogen pumping

Fast, accurate control

JBT’s Rotary to Linear Adaptor is very fast to respond. By moving between the full open and full close positions in about 15 seconds, this device can save you a significant amount of time while providing more accurate control.

Compatible with many control protocols

Needle valves, globe valves, block valves — whatever control protocols you use, the device will work. Since you can use the same type of actuator for every valve on your truck, you don’t need to stock as many spares.

No piping or connection change required

The JBT lifter can be added to the valves that are already on your truck, allowing you to automate without having to purchase new valves or repipe the equipment.

Self-adjusting seat stop for reduced maintenance

On a typical pump truck, the actuators need to be adjusted before and after every job. The JBT lifter automatically senses the location of the seat stop, which reduces the burden on your maintenance department by eliminating the need for constant adjustments.

Cost savings through standardization

The actuator is a standard quarter-turn unit, rather than a specialized piece of equipment. This makes it cost-effective, delivering savings of up to 20%.

High pressure capacity

The JBT lifter can handle pressures up to 10,000 PSI. Since the maximum pressure for most nitrogen pump trucks is 8,000-9,000 PSI, the device is universally applicable.

Fewer actuators required

The same actuator can be configured in multiple ways and provide multiple hookups. Depending on the layout of your truck, you can reduce the number of actuators required by using a single actuator for two, or even three, applications. This also reduces the number of spares you need to stock.

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