Do you know the steam testing capabilities of your Safety Valve (SV) service provider? Choosing a service provider with capabilities beyond simply verifying set pressure utilizing an ASME approved Auxiliary Lift Assist Device (ALAD) is paramount for medium set pressures.

While using ALADs is an accurate and widely accepted practice to verify function and set pressure setting, it’s hard to dispute the benefits of a live test on saturated steam. Many VR Certificate holders have boilers with a MAWP larger than 1500 PSIG. However, many do not, and most valves in the most common of set pressure ranges (300-750 PSIG) are set with an ALAD vs. a live test. As an owner/end user, you have the right to request your steam valves are set live to verify set pressure, action, performance, and often blowdown (depending on capacity of the test facility).

Valve Sales Inc (VSI) operates a 65 HP Vapor Power Gas Fired Boiler with a MAWP of 1735 PSIG. Our geographic service area has many VR Certificate holders and boilers available. Why not choose a SV service provider with some of the largest steam testing capabilities? This brings several advantages to our valued customers:

  • Ability to generate 98% quality saturated steam quickly to minimize downtime
  • Allows VSI to actually “POP” and “LIFT” your safety valves in the most commonly certified set pressure ranges
  • An integrated Programable Logic Controller (PLC) allows our certified technicians to hold a constant “set point” with no “swing” is pressure while using an ALAD on higher set pressure SVs
  • Customer confidence in the performance and reliability of their ASME Section I Code Stamp SVs

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