Pipeline Valves and Actuation

Pipeline valves and actuators need to be specially designed for the environments in which they operate. They need to be rugged to stand up to harsh conditions, reliable to ensure both safety and product quality, and appropriately sized and specified for the application.

We have more than four decades of experience sizing, specifying, and sourcing valve and actuator products for pipeline applications, including gas gathering. If the equipment you need isn’t available, we’ll custom design and engineer a solution.

Our pipeline valve and actuation offerings

  • Valves and actuation
    • Relief valves
    • Low-pressure pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuation
    • Ball valves
    • Gate valves
    • Butterfly valves
  • Maintenance and repair
    • Greasing
    • Valve repair
    • Troubleshooting
    • Actuation repair
  • Tubing and fittings
  • Salt water disposal valves
  • Pipeline cleaners (PIGS)

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