Emergency Shutdowns

Emergency shutdown (ESD) systems are critical for safety during oil and gas production and processing. If an emergency situation occurs, the ESD shuts down the entire operation to prevent contamination and other conditions that can be hazardous to people, plants, products, and the environment. In many places, ESD systems are required by law.

An emergency shutdown system will help you:

  • Protect your personnel, your facility, and the environment from safety incidents caused by hazardous conditions
  • Comply with regulations governing fugitive emissions
  • Stop hazardous conditions early to help minimize downtime
  • Minimize risks to maximize your profits

We specialize in the design and installation of highly reliable emergency shutdown systems for oil and gas production sites and midstream facilities. We can supply any size valve and actuator — pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic.

Our emergency shutdown offerings

  • ESD valves
    • Pneumatic actuated valves
    • Hydraulic actuated valves
    • Electric actuated valves
  • Pneumatic and electric ESD system controls

  • Custom ESD control panels
  • ESD system installation
  • Automated well shut-in system and H2S/site gas shut-in system


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